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7th EAI International Conference on e‐Infrastructure and e‐Services for Developing Countries

December 15–16, 2015 | Cotonou, Benin


Keynote: 60mn (Exchange with Public during presentation)

Fullpaper: 20mn (Presentation + Questions)


Coffee break: 30mn

Tuesday 15th of December 2015

7h30 – 8h30



8h30 – 9h00

Welcome & Opening address


1-Dr. Roch GLITHO - General chair

2-Dr. Jules DEGILA - Special Adviser to the Head of the State,  Digital Economy

3-Dr. Max AGUEH - Co-Technical Program Committee chair

4- Ms. Barbara FERTALOVA – EAI (European Alliance for Innovation)

House Keeping

Dr. Jules DEGILA – Local Chair

9h00 –10h00

Keynote – Dr. Patrick Valduriez



Coffee break


Session 1

(Main Room)

Communication infrastructure – Chair: Dr. Jules DEGILA






10h30 – 11h30

TV White Space Networks Deployment: A Case Study of Mankweng Township in South Africa

Ramoroka Millicent, Masonta Moshe, Kliks Adrian


Exploring TV White Spaces for Use in Campus Networks

Mauwa Hope, Bagula Antoine , Zennaro Marco


Impact of Small-world Effect on the IP-level Routing Dynamics

Tounwendyam Frédéric Ouédraogo ,Tegawendé  Bissyandé F., Daouda Sawadogo, Abdoulaye Séré, Didier  Bassolé , Oumarou  Sié


Session 2

(Main Room)

Access to information – Chair: Dr. Patrick Valduriez






11h30 -12h30

NRENs and OA Repositories: Promoting Science Growth in Developing Countries

Mulhanga Marangaze Munhepe, Lima Solange Rito, Massingue Venancio


BJNet: another way to build a NREN

Lobelle Marc, Hounkonnou Norbert Mahouton, Donadje Firmin Comlan,  Oyetola Victor


Deployment of an e-Infrastructure for Academic Research

Udanor Collins,  Akaneme Florence Ifeoma






Session 3

(Main Room)

Green IT applications & Security – Chair: Dr. Antoine BAGULA








14h00– 15h30

Are the days of Field-to-Laboratory Analysis Gone? Effects of Ubiquitous

Environmental River Water Quality Assessment

Makojoa Goodman K.B. , Osunmakinde Isaac O.


Prospect of Reduction of the GreenHouse Gas Emission by ICT in Africa

Tiendrebeogo Telesphore


Vulnerabilities of Government Websites in a Developing Country The Case of Burkina Faso

Bissyandé, Tegawendé F. , Ouoba  Jonathan, Ouedraogo  Fréderic, Béré Cédric, Bikienga Moustapha, Sere Abdoulaye, Dandjinous Mesmin, Sié Oumarou, Ahmat Daouda


Proof of Concept of the Online Neighbourhood Watch System

Omeleze Stacey, Venter Hein S.



Coffee break


Short Session 1

(Main Room)

Short Paper Session 1 (Main Room) - Chair: Dr. Patrick Valduriez









16h00 – 17h30

The internet of things in water resources management for South Africa

Dlodlo Nomusa, Gcaba Oscar


A Voice over IP Deployment Solution for Public Social Institutions of Burkina

PODA Pasteur , Yélémou Tiguiane


Innovation Factory: an innovative collaboration and management scenario

Frati Fulvio, Ceravolo Paolo, Zavatarelli Francesco, Maggesi Jonatan, Mainardi Riccardo, Damiani Ernesto


On the Internet Connectivity in Africa

Gueye Assane Mell, Peter Banse, Desire Congo Faisal Y


Paying with a Selfie: a Hybrid Micro-Payment Framework Based on Visual Cryptography

Frati  Fulvio,  Cimato, Stelvio, Damiani Ernesto, Hounsou Joel T, Tandjiékpon  Judicaël


Poster Session 1

(Room 2)

Poster Session 1 (Room 2) - Chair: Dr. Max AGUEH









16h00 – 17h30

An Application of the Triangular Hough Transform and the Rectangular Hough

Transform in Noisy Analytical Straight Line Recognition

SERE Abdoulaye, COULIBALI Lassina, DIARRA  Mamadou, SIE Oumarou, OUEDRAOGO Frédéric T.


An M-learning method for enhancing classroom learning: A learner-centric


Miiro Maria Kafuko , Byomire Gorretti, Namisango Fatuma


Positioning M-learning inside the classroom: A sustainable echelon

Miiro Maria Kafuko, Byomire Gorretti, Namisango Fatuma


Deployment of a WiMAX Solution in a Rural Remote Region of Burkina Faso

Yélémou  Tiguiane, Guinko Ferdinand, Sabané Aminata


Cloud Computing for a Sustainable Development in Africa

Tiendrebeogo, Telesphore


18h00 – 22h00


Wednesday 16th of December 2015


9h00 –10h00

Keynote – Dr. NII QUAYNOR



Coffee break


Session 4

(Main Room)

Health & Communication infrastructure– Chair: Dr. Roch GLITHO









Managing Personal Health Records in an Infrastructure-weak Environment

Anciaux  Nicolas, Guilloton Sébastien, Bouganim Luc ,Ilarri Sergio, Kamgang Alain, Ngami Abraham N. Christophe, Pucheral Philippe, Tchuente M.


Healthcare systems in rural areas: A cloud-sensor based based approach for 

epidemic diseases management

Berrahal Sarra, Boudriga Noureddine, Bagula Antoine


Simulated Annealing approach for mesh router placement in rural Wireless Mesh Networks

FENDJI KEDIENG EB., Jean Louis, Thron Christopher, Nlong Jean Michel


A Public Safety Wireless Sensor Network: A Visible Light

Krichene Dhouha, Abdallah Walid, Boudriga Noureddine, Bagula Antoine





Poster Session 2 (Main Room)

Poster Session 2 (Main room) – Chair: Dr. Jules DEGILA










13h30 – 15h00

Adaptive Environmental Management System for Lejweleputswa District:  A Participatory Approach through Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Mbele M., Masinde M. and Itumeleng KN.; 

 SenseWeather: A Sensor-Based Weather Forecasting System using Weather Lore  Mwagha SM. and Masinde M.;


Framework for Accurate Drought Forecasting System Using Semantics Based Data Integration Middleware

Akanbi AK. and Masinde M.;

Internet of Things based Framework for Public Transportation Fleet Management in Free State, South Africa

Shoman A., Masinde M., and Mostafa M.;

Possible challenges of integrating ICTs into the public transportation system in the Free State

Bashingi N., Mostafa M. and Masinde M.;

15h00 – 16h00

Best Paper + Closing remarks