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7th EAI International Conference on e‐Infrastructure and e‐Services for Developing Countries

December 15–16, 2015 | Cotonou, Benin

Before upload: Register for the conference

In order to be able to upload the Camera-Ready, please finalize the registration by using ONLY the link provided in the official acceptance email.

Important Note:

  • If another person registers on your behalf, please make sure that he/she is using the same registration link provided in the official acceptance email.
  • For an efficient process, we recommend that the payment is done using the credit card. If you choose the bank transfer option, please be informed that you will not be able to upload the Camera-Ready until the payment is processed and validated by the bank.


Uploading the Camera-Ready


Step 1: Login to Confy

Go to the Camera-ready Confy web site at []. Login using the email on which youreceived the acceptance notification (or using the same registration link provided in the official acceptance email). You may need to register
(using that same email), and click on the confirmation link that you will receive to this email following registration. Alternatively, if you are already registered and forgot your password, please use the *Reset Password* function.
Once you have logged in, you may also go to *Edit Profile* at the top right and update your profile as needed, this step is not required.

Step 2: Enter Paper Details and Upload Manuscript

1.     Once logged in you will see on the Home page the list of your accepted papers.

Once logged in you should see on the Home page a list of conferences, tracks and workshops to which you have been accepted. Select from the list the conference to which you want to submit your camera ready paper. If you submit to a workshop, please select the host conference, the workshop will be listed as one of the tracks.
- If you do not see the conference listed on the Home page, click  on your name in the main menu and select *Conferences* from the drop-down menu, for a complete, searchable list of all EAI conferences.
- After choosing a conference, go to Submit Camera Ready on the right.

2.     Click on the accepted paper(s) for and follow the link: Submit Camera Ready »

- Please provide the following details of your paper:
- Title, Abstract and Keywords.
- Co-authors of your paper (if any) and in the correct order.
- The corresponding author.
- FOR ALL CONFERENCES: Upload a PDF copy of your paper in the
“Manuscript (PDF)” section by clicking the *Choose file* button.
- FOR CONFERENCES PUBLISHING WITH LNICST: Besides the PDF file, please upload an archive file (zip, tar.gz or rar) containing both the PDF and the source files (MS Word or LaTeX) of your paper, in the “Source files (archive)” section by clicking the Choose file button. Please upload this as well as (not instead of) the separate PDF copy.
*NOTE: Make sure that your PDF and source files (MS Word or LaTeX) conforms to the publisher’s formatting requirements. Failure to upload your camera ready paper in the required format(s) will result in your paper not appearing on the proceedings USB drive or in the digital library.*

3.     Fill in the required fields and accept the terms and conditions.

Important Note:

·         If you need to make any further modifications to your Camera-Ready, you may do so until the Camera-Ready deadline.