Panel Discussion – Cyber Maturity Assessments

Title of Discussion: Measuring cyber maturity: Methods, indicators, and outputs

Objectives and Scope:
The aim of the workshop is to present various cyber maturity assessment methodologies, tools, techniques, and indicators, to a technical academic audience. The workshop focuses on methodological aspects of cyber maturity assessments, on what they try to measure, and on how they do that. Pros and cons of various existing methodologies will also be highlighted during the workshop. Lastly, a few significant and selected findings and indicators from African countries where the methodology was recently applied will be presented.


  • Enrico Calandro, Senior Research Associate at Research ICT Africa
  • Shallen Lusinga, Post-Doc fellow at Cybersecurity Capacity Centre for Southern Africa, UCT
  • Radu Serrano, Researcher, e-Governance Academy
  • Melissa Hathaway, Senior Researcher, Potomac Institute
  • Grace Acayo, Cybersecurity Researcher at the ITU
  • Caroline Troein, Lead Cybersecurity Researcher at the ITU

Expected results:

Participants will have the opportunity of appreciating different methods and approaches to measure cyber capacity maturity. Besides, they will learn what indicators are already available to conduct cyber maturity research.